Pinch of Cumin

Madras curry turkey with wild rice

Finally made it. After several curry experiments on my own with no success, I have discovered this sauce, which is the one I was unconsciously searching for a long time, and never managed to know how to do it. The fact that I have cooked it with tur ...

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Vietnamese spring rolls with rice paper

Vietnamese cooking, the great unknown. Traditionally included in the same bag of Asiatic food -to which of course it belongs-, many people don't know that it is considered Asia's purest cooking, due to its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil and ve ...

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Turkey breast with lime and sweet corn

Although according to my last published recipes it seems that at home we only eat muffins and rice, I also cook special main dishes from time to time -or to be more precise, atypical ones-. A good example is this turkey breast, which has ended up as ...

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Turkey breast with crystallized cinnamon apple

This is exactly what happens when I see loose things in the fridge and I have to take advantage of them in some way. I end up making my own inventions, in this case very tasty and extremely easy. The thing is that I had turkey steaks and apples just ...

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