Pinch of Cumin

Lamb’s lettuce salad with dried marinated tomatoes

One of my big passions: salads. And according to my friend José Luis, one of the dishes that I prepare better, and with which personally I really enjoy: before, during and after it. They are such versatile that you can add to them almost any ingredi ...

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Home-made gazpacho step by step

For quite a long time I have been reluctant to cook gazpacho due to the fact that since I live in Switzerland I have not experienced again those extreme high temperatures of Iberian Peninsula's interior, that make me desire to eat (or to drink?) a co ...

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Homemade bacon and mushroom pizza

Finally I have made up my mind. Yes, the task of cooking a pizza with its dough is not pecata minuta. You need to be resolved to do so and be very confident that you can do it. This, that could sound very funny for an Italian for example, is not that ...

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Spinach, tomato and mushroom quiche

Given that elections are currently taking place in France, today's post is dedicated to this neighbour country -in my case almost door to door both in my personal and professional life, since I live 8 minutes far from the border and currently work in ...

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Mint and coriander cous cous

Cous cous (or directly couscous), originally Berber, is a traditional North Africa dish, and its main ingredient is the coarse, purified wheat middlings of durum wheat (semolina), ground in a way that it doesn't turn into flour. After several mont ...

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Carrot, celery and hazelnut pie

Greetings everybody! Tras un parón de un par de añitos largos en los que han pasado muchas cosas y he subido pocas o poquísimas recetas -los esfuerzos llegaron hasta la trastienda del blog únicamente-, comienza ahora la versión 2.0 de A pinch of ...

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Roasted chicken with basil and cherry tomatos

After spending a few days in Madrid -without time to rest, as usually-, I am already back in Swiss lands and I would like to introduce you the first experiment with chicken in my blog, one of those close food that due to its soft flavor and crunchy s ...

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Radishes in canapé-shape with dried tomato cream

Today I present you my first homegrown recipe, of whose taste and appearance I am very proud. I imagine that I am neither the first nor the last one to have used radishes as canapé-containers to be filled in, but despite my search and investigations ...

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