Pinch of Cumin

Easy catalonian cream

Today's recipe is another incursion in Spanish gastronomy's typical desserts -in the easy way-. Genetically it is very similar to French crème brûlée, although there are two remarkable differences between these two sister creams: the way to cook ...

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Strawberries in infused balsamic vinegar with spiced yogurt

I publish this recipe in honor of my friend Nuria, who got a book to me from the Basque chef master José María Arzak. After reading and re-reading it (and salivating only with the names of his creations), I have decided to try with a version of ...

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Chocolate and hazelnut cookies

What to say about these chocolate cookies? First of all, do not get intimidated by the ingredients list, they are much easier to do than what they seem to be. Secondly and more important: if you want to get back to your childhood, when you not only a ...

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Poppy seed and hazelnut muffins

I have the habit to bake “madeleines” almost every week, and today I bring you the recipe of the ones I made a few weeks ago for the first time and the result was extremely nice, with poppy seed and hazelnuts. I say “madeleines”, but they a ...

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White chocolate & mint muffins

Lately I have been a bit overwhelmed with work, trips and Christmas preparation. If fact I have tried several days to publish these muffins, but it has not been possible until today. And it's almost a miracle, because with all these hustle and bustle ...

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Cheesecake with homemade blackberry jam

Cheesecake is one of the most popular cakes in the world, wherever you go, you will find one. Normally it has secure success not only because of its texture, but also due to the combination of cheese with cookies and jam. On the internet you can find ...

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Easy blueberry & blackberry pie

Here I come with another home-made invention, based in my mother's apple pie recipe, and caused by the big amount of blackberries that I have at home and with which I do not know what to do (yeeeees, I know, eating them, but the issue is how) And the ...

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Caraway seed & orange dust braided sweet bread

At this stage, many of you might be wondering what is caraway (if you have not already googled it). I also arrived to that poing -the one of Saint Google- the day when I came back home from the supermarket with what I thought it was a small bottle of ...

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Tarta de manzana fácil

Hoy vamos a celebrar con esta tarta tres cosas: que es domingo, que ganamos 1 hora con el cambio al horario de invierno, y que es el cumpleaños de mi gran amiga y compañera de batallas Estefanía (echad un vistazo a su blog, es muy divertido e inte ...

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A big discovery -and at the same time a challenge- to me. After eating these funny eye-catching sweeties in my trips to Turkey and Jordan (and now and then in Spain), I was always feeling curious about the way to cook them. Phyllo pastry is not a ver ...

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