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Grandma’s style milk rice

What to say about milk rice! It is a typical dessert from many countries ‘gastronomy, and that’s the reason for the many variants that exist: with burnt sugar, with vanilla, with dulce de leche, with cinnamon... To that fact, we have to add the ...

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Grape and walnut rice

Let's go with the death throes of summer-autumn... and with this recipe I say goodbye before entering in a hibernation mode, since weather forecast announces snowfall this weekend, and it's time to start thinking about other type of dishes, a bit mor ...

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Aubergine sticks with yogurt sauce

Most of the times I buy aubergine it ends up into the oven, I do not know if I do it out of habit, because of not having a better idea or because it is so good when baked that I am always willing to repeat it. The thing is that this time, even since ...

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Sponge cake with blackberry’s crust

To put in good use those blackberries that you pick in summertime and with which you never know what to do –apart from marmalade or accompaniment for juices or yogurts- what better than a good sponge cake like this one to enjoy breakfasts and coff ...

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Hazelnut sponge cake

Ingredients  250 gr all-purpose floor 2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 75 gr chopped toasted hazelnuts 125 gr melted butter 150 gr white sugar 1 medium size egg 125 ml fresh milk 150 gr creamy whipped cheese 10 gr vanilla sugar Directions ...

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Easy catalonian cream

Today's recipe is another incursion in Spanish gastronomy's typical desserts -in the easy way-. Genetically it is very similar to French crème brûlée, although there are two remarkable differences between these two sister creams: the way to cook ...

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Lime and melon rice salad

More rice, as it could not be other way –at this pace, I will have slanting eyes soon-. This is a season recipe, to give you more hints, there is the melon. Have you already found it out? Exactly, summer and its rice salads, cool, radiant and full ...

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Lamb’s lettuce salad with dried marinated tomatoes

One of my big passions: salads. And according to my friend José Luis, one of the dishes that I prepare better, and with which personally I really enjoy: before, during and after it. They are such versatile that you can add to them almost any ingredi ...

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Spinach salad with strawberries and avocado

I have not eaten such a tasty and smooth salad like this one for a while. I normally cook salads by combination, that is, I combine whatever I have in the fridge that I consider it can work together. But in this case it has been a premeditated salad, ...

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Ramen noodles and fish soup

One more adventure in Asian Cooking, this time with white fish and directly brought from the last cook thick book that I got, in a trip to Bristol last year (Complete Asian Cookbook). All of a compendium of the most unbelievable recipes from many Eas ...

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