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Grandma’s style milk rice

What to say about milk rice! It is a typical dessert from many countries ‘gastronomy, and that’s the reason for the many variants that exist: with burnt sugar, with vanilla, with dulce de leche, with cinnamon…

To that fact, we have to add the “milk rice with flavor”, in Germany they are really very fond of it. They have their own versions, without searching that much you can find milk rice with raspberry, cherry, mint or chocolate flavours. All they can think about! In view of this huge variety –which to me is a bit contradictory- I take the traditional taste of my whole life, grandma’s one, and here is the recipe of my family.

This one goes for my grandma!

Grandma's style milk rice


1 liter of fresh whole milk
½ cup of  round grain rice
1 stick of cinnamon
lemon peel
3 tablespoons of white sugar  (or a bit more if you like it sweeter)


Heat milk with lemon peel and cinnamon in a saucepan until it boils (the less white part the lemon peel contains, the better).

Stir frequently with a wooden spoon so that it does not get burnt.

When it starts to boil, add rice and after it, sugar.

Let it boil while you stir it for 35-40 minutes, until it is creamy.

Get rid of lemon peel and cinnamon stick (they have already done their job) and fill little bowls with the result.

You can decorate with grind cinnamon or just eat it as it is, I like it better with cinnamon stick flavor only.

Grandma's style milk rice

Grandma's style milk rice

To be considered

You can replace cinnamon stick with vanilla, in order to provide a different aroma and flavor, it is also awesome.

You can use orange ring instead of lemon ring. It is a small variation that changes quite a lot the final result.

If after a few days you have left a bit of milk rice, you can take advantage of it for super delicious croquettes. It has to be very cold and thick so that you can round them. You only need to coat it in egg and breadcrumbs and… enjoy!

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5 Comments to "Grandma’s style milk rice"

  1. Estefanía says:

    qué pintaza!!! Este postre me trae dulces recuerdos 😀

  2. Nu says:

    Qué bueno, para poder escribir aquí hay que tener un nivel mínimo. Hay que saberse la tabla del 7… A lo que iba, me gusta el arroz con leche, pero la idea de las croquetas está muy bien .

  3. Eloísa says:

    Sara, esto de dar las recetas familiares al mundo entero será considerado alta traición!!!

    • Sara says:

      Tú tranquila que aquí sólo entro yo y es para enterarme de lo que voy haciendo, que si no cuando quiero repetir algo ya se me han olvidado los ingredientes y cantidades

  4. saly says:


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