Pinch of Cumin

Lamb’s lettuce salad with dried marinated tomatoes

One of my big passions: salads. And according to my friend José Luis, one of the dishes that I prepare better, and with which personally I really enjoy: before, during and after it. They are such versatile that you can add to them almost any ingredi ...

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Spinach salad with strawberries and avocado

I have not eaten such a tasty and smooth salad like this one for a while. I normally cook salads by combination, that is, I combine whatever I have in the fridge that I consider it can work together. But in this case it has been a premeditated salad, ...

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Radish salad with yogurt dressing

This is one of my favourite dishes due of its simplicity, its freshness and its inimitable taste. Before living in Switzerland I did not eat that much of radish; In Spain they are not as common as they are here, so I am not exactly an expert in these ...

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Arugula & blueberries salad with caramelized sunflower seeds

One about salads, although not very much typical or well known. Arugula on its own, yes, goat cheese also, blueberries of course, and sunflower seeds, also yes. But together? It surprises, but yes, its taste is extraordinary and strawberry vinaigrett ...

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Moroccan salad with fried lemon and parsley

We keep going with hot days, so here I am with another cool recipe to fight against high temperatures. And Moroccans know a lot about that, whose varied and rich gastronomy includes easy, cheap and very refreshing recipes, such as this carrot salad w ...

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