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Meatballs in curry sauce

After spending a few days working in London, nothing better than "real food" for coming back home. I have to say that the worldwide fame that England has about food -excluding indian, asiatic, italian, etc. restaurants that you can find in their stre ...

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Ramen noodles and fish soup

One more adventure in Asian Cooking, this time with white fish and directly brought from the last cook thick book that I got, in a trip to Bristol last year (Complete Asian Cookbook). All of a compendium of the most unbelievable recipes from many Eas ...

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Japanese style chicken with somen noodles

Where to start... after some days of absence, here I come with another one of my oriental experiments, now that I have found a place where to stock up on not very common ingredients for this part of the world. And it is that I continue with the serie ...

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Madras curry turkey with wild rice

Finally made it. After several curry experiments on my own with no success, I have discovered this sauce, which is the one I was unconsciously searching for a long time, and never managed to know how to do it. The fact that I have cooked it with tur ...

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Homemade bacon and mushroom pizza

Finally I have made up my mind. Yes, the task of cooking a pizza with its dough is not pecata minuta. You need to be resolved to do so and be very confident that you can do it. This, that could sound very funny for an Italian for example, is not that ...

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Mint roasted chicken with yogurt sauce

Now that I think about it, I do not know anyone who does not like chicken (if anyone out there, raise your hand). It is one of those dishes with which you will have success among children and elderly people, and you will never get tired of innovating ...

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Roasted chicken with rosemary and lemon sauce

Have I ever told you that chicken is one of my favourite dishes? It offers as many possibilities that it is impossible to get tired of it. From the already traditional fried chicken (that I do not cook that much since I end up with the kitchen decora ...

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Caramelized salmon in a reduction of soy sauce

Salmon, that delicious blue fish with few bones, which delights children and adults. It has properties and nutrients that are difficult to find in other food. It is a natural source of Omega-3 and proteins and several investigations assure that it pr ...

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Cerdo agridulce con verduras

Hoy te presento una breve incursión en los sabores de Oriente, con un resultado realmente sabroso y divertido de hacer. No tienes ni que comprar salsa agridulce, lo haremos todo desde cero y notarás la diferencia. El cerdo agridulce es una de la ...

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Zuchinni clafoutis

Long live clafoutis! So I woke up this morning ... every day surprises us with something new :-). But what is actually a clafoutis (or clafouti)? Neither more nor less than a French dessert, originally from the Limousin region. Etymologically speakin ...

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