Pinch of Cumin

Grandma’s style milk rice

What to say about milk rice! It is a typical dessert from many countries ‘gastronomy, and that’s the reason for the many variants that exist: with burnt sugar, with vanilla, with dulce de leche, with cinnamon... To that fact, we have to add the ...

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Grape and walnut rice

Let's go with the death throes of summer-autumn... and with this recipe I say goodbye before entering in a hibernation mode, since weather forecast announces snowfall this weekend, and it's time to start thinking about other type of dishes, a bit mor ...

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Lime and melon rice salad

More rice, as it could not be other way –at this pace, I will have slanting eyes soon-. This is a season recipe, to give you more hints, there is the melon. Have you already found it out? Exactly, summer and its rice salads, cool, radiant and full ...

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Madras curry turkey with wild rice

Finally made it. After several curry experiments on my own with no success, I have discovered this sauce, which is the one I was unconsciously searching for a long time, and never managed to know how to do it. The fact that I have cooked it with tur ...

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Vietnamese spring rolls with rice paper

Vietnamese cooking, the great unknown. Traditionally included in the same bag of Asiatic food -to which of course it belongs-, many people don't know that it is considered Asia's purest cooking, due to its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil and ve ...

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Cinnamon rice with cranberries and saffron

First of all, and although a bit late: happy 2013 to you all! This Christmas break has been everything but relaxed, I have not stopped at all for a single minute. In fact I am still on vacation (or rather pseudo-vacations, since I cannot compare this ...

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Basmati rice with coconut and cashews

At home we like rice a lot, and as lately we eat it almost every 3 days, sometimes we need to do R+D to get out from the routine and surprise palate with new contrasts. This is one of those “exotic” ways to prepare rice that I have tried today ...

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Basmati rice with sharkayisa sauce

This is one of the easiest recipes that I know, and it is definitely among the ones that I like most. On the one hand, because I adore rice, and on the other hand, because since I have discovered how to cook it with the proper texture –thanks, rice ...

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Thai pinneaple fried rice

What better for a hot day like today than a cool and fresh rice salad, with all nutrients that you need, in a unique dish. In this case, I use it as a “all in one” dish, since apart from the carbohydrates of rice, it combines protein of egg, fibe ...

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