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Madras curry turkey with wild rice

Finally made it. After several curry experiments on my own with no success, I have discovered this sauce, which is the one I was unconsciously searching for a long time, and never managed to know how to do it.

The fact that I have cooked it with turkey is just an accident, since this curry sauce goes well with chicken, pork, rice, vegetables or legumes.

As mentioned in its name, this sauce has its origin in Madras city, whose current name is Chennai, in the South of India. The same way as most of Indian gastronomy, it is originally spicy, but as I am not a big fan of chili, I have not used this ingredient.

There are many variants, with different mixtures, and here I give you my own recipe. 

Madras curry turkey with wild rice

Ingredients for 4 people

500 gr turkey breast
2 small onions
1 big apple
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons curry
150 ml chicken stock (1 glass)
100 ml liquid cream
salt and pepper

Madras curry turkey with wild rice


Chop turkey breast into cubes and season with salt and pepper.

Put the oil in a skillet and fry turkey cubes. When they are brown, take them out and fry onions and apple in the same oil (previously chopped in little cubes).

Add curry, stir a bit and put again the turkey in the skillet. Stir again so that turkey gets yellow.

Pour chicken stock, cover it with a lid and cook it to low heat for 15 minutes.

Take out from the skillet only turkey cubes and crush with the mixer the sauce that is in the skillet.

Put back to the skillet the sauce (already grinded) and add liquid cream so that it gets a bit whiter. Stir it well.

Finally, add turkey and take it out from heat.

Madras curry turkey with wild rice     Madras curry turkey with wild rice

To be considered

Although in this case I have served it with wild rice–I was running out of basmati-, ideally you could serve it together with basmati, which is aromatic and smoother.

Without any doubt, this is a dish that I will make versions out of it until I get bored –it takes few minutes to prepare it and it is a very grateful dish.

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