Pinch of Cumin

Poppy seed and hazelnut muffins

I have the habit to bake “madeleines” almost every week, and today I bring you the recipe of the ones I made a few weeks ago for the first time and the result was extremely nice, with poppy seed and hazelnuts. I say “madeleines”, but they a ...

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Crunchy muffins with linseed

Unlike the muffins that I use to bake, which are normally soft and juicy, today's recipe is a bit crunchy, the antithesis of muffins per se. And not because of that less appetizing, everything hast to be said, they are spectacular. It is the first ti ...

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White chocolate & mint muffins

Lately I have been a bit overwhelmed with work, trips and Christmas preparation. If fact I have tried several days to publish these muffins, but it has not been possible until today. And it's almost a miracle, because with all these hustle and bustle ...

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Strawberry muffins

What do I do when strawberry season comes? With this post and my addiction to muffins, you can easily imagine it... I have to confess that when I am desperate in fall/winter I also bake them with dehydrated strawberries, but it is neither the same or ...

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Mango and honey muffins

As many of you probably know, today is Halloween's night, a yearly celebration that it is very common in the United States and Canada mainly, and that it is becoming more and more familiar in european streets and night clubs -the idea is to have an e ...

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Banana and ginger muffins

Back to reality and with my batteries recharged. After a short vacation in Austria and Germany, I come back completely relaxed and willing to cook new recipes, so as usual here I come with an innovative and energetic banana muffin recipe, with smoot ...

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Spiced pistacho & cranberry muffins

After a few weeks of technical stop, due to a big workload and other activities, it was time to resurrect my muffin recipes book to version one of them to my own way. The original recipe I have inspired from is cranberries muffins, and the idea of co ...

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Raspberry almond muffins

Here is another of my concept-tests with frostings, in this case “dripping”. I have already baked these muffins several times (every time the season comes is just unavoidable), changing nuts and ingredient proportions. And as every research, it h ...

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Avocado, chocolate & almond muffins

Now that I have gained in confidence with muffins -before I was a mere "robot" following literally the recipes that fall into my hands-, the enjoyment starts with combinations of ingredients. By the moment I have not had serious episodes of cooking w ...

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Blueberry muffins

Blueberry's season would not be the same without baking soft and juicy muffins from time to time. The rest of the year I use them dehydrated, but when fresh ones come to the supermarkets I go specifically to buy a little box in order to do my own sea ...

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