Pinch of Cumin

Crunchy muffins with linseed

Unlike the muffins that I use to bake, which are normally soft and juicy, today's recipe is a bit crunchy, the antithesis of muffins per se. And not because of that less appetizing, everything hast to be said, they are spectacular. It is the first ti ...

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Caraway seed & orange dust braided sweet bread

At this stage, many of you might be wondering what is caraway (if you have not already googled it). I also arrived to that poing -the one of Saint Google- the day when I came back home from the supermarket with what I thought it was a small bottle of ...

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A big discovery -and at the same time a challenge- to me. After eating these funny eye-catching sweeties in my trips to Turkey and Jordan (and now and then in Spain), I was always feeling curious about the way to cook them. Phyllo pastry is not a ver ...

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Grilled trout with sour orange jam sauce

The same way that there are places, songs or books that reminds you to something or someone, there are ingredients that bring to mind specific situations or past experiences. Something like that happens to me with trout. Every time I hear its name or ...

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