Pinch of Cumin

Chick pea paté (the famous “hummus”)

(ES) Tras un blog-parón motivado por vacaciones, mudanza, trabajo y reorganización vital en general, aquí vuelvo a la carga con dos de mis aficiones favoritas conjugadas en esta receta: compartir mis hazañas culinarias y explorar nuevos sabores. ...

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Roasted chicken with rosemary and lemon sauce

Have I ever told you that chicken is one of my favourite dishes? It offers as many possibilities that it is impossible to get tired of it. From the already traditional fried chicken (that I do not cook that much since I end up with the kitchen decora ...

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Basmati rice with sharkayisa sauce

This is one of the easiest recipes that I know, and it is definitely among the ones that I like most. On the one hand, because I adore rice, and on the other hand, because since I have discovered how to cook it with the proper texture –thanks, rice ...

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Baba ganoush (or aubergine pâté)

Would you like to eat something super tasty and that at a first sight you had never thought that it was that good? Here is the solution. Its appearance is not the best thing, since at the end it is a pâté and it is not very attractive visually. If ...

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A big discovery -and at the same time a challenge- to me. After eating these funny eye-catching sweeties in my trips to Turkey and Jordan (and now and then in Spain), I was always feeling curious about the way to cook them. Phyllo pastry is not a ver ...

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Crunchy aubergines with soy and ginger dressing

Veggie, veggie ... Here we come with the latest acquisition, a version of traditional fried eggplant, enriched with a spectacular sauce and enhanced with a coat with hard wheat semolina that increases crisp feeling from the first bite. As some of ...

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Moroccan salad with fried lemon and parsley

We keep going with hot days, so here I am with another cool recipe to fight against high temperatures. And Moroccans know a lot about that, whose varied and rich gastronomy includes easy, cheap and very refreshing recipes, such as this carrot salad w ...

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Japanese style cheesecake

What to say about this appealing sweet, apart that it is delicious? All I can say is not enough, but I am going to start from the beginning. It turns out that some months ago I published a cheese cake recipe (you can have a look here), result of my i ...

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