Pinch of Cumin

Crunchy muffins with linseed

Unlike the muffins that I use to bake, which are normally soft and juicy, today's recipe is a bit crunchy, the antithesis of muffins per se. And not because of that less appetizing, everything hast to be said, they are spectacular. It is the first ti ...

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Thai pinneaple fried rice

What better for a hot day like today than a cool and fresh rice salad, with all nutrients that you need, in a unique dish. In this case, I use it as a “all in one” dish, since apart from the carbohydrates of rice, it combines protein of egg, fibe ...

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Radish salad with yogurt dressing

This is one of my favourite dishes due of its simplicity, its freshness and its inimitable taste. Before living in Switzerland I did not eat that much of radish; In Spain they are not as common as they are here, so I am not exactly an expert in these ...

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Pain d’épices (French spiced bread)

We continue with international cuisine saga with one of my favorite French buns, spiced sweet bread. I have been buying it for a while, trying different versions and brands and observing it carefully until today, when I have finally jumped into the p ...

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