Pinch of Cumin

Spiced pistacho & cranberry muffins

After a few weeks of technical stop, due to a big workload and other activities, it was time to resurrect my muffin recipes book to version one of them to my own way. The original recipe I have inspired from is cranberries muffins, and the idea of co ...

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Easy blueberry & blackberry pie

Here I come with another home-made invention, based in my mother's apple pie recipe, and caused by the big amount of blackberries that I have at home and with which I do not know what to do (yeeeees, I know, eating them, but the issue is how) And the ...

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Cinnamon rice with cranberries and saffron

First of all, and although a bit late: happy 2013 to you all! This Christmas break has been everything but relaxed, I have not stopped at all for a single minute. In fact I am still on vacation (or rather pseudo-vacations, since I cannot compare this ...

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Arugula & blueberries salad with caramelized sunflower seeds

One about salads, although not very much typical or well known. Arugula on its own, yes, goat cheese also, blueberries of course, and sunflower seeds, also yes. But together? It surprises, but yes, its taste is extraordinary and strawberry vinaigrett ...

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Blueberry muffins

Blueberry's season would not be the same without baking soft and juicy muffins from time to time. The rest of the year I use them dehydrated, but when fresh ones come to the supermarkets I go specifically to buy a little box in order to do my own sea ...

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