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Chocolate custard with citrus fruit’s cloud

Here is another version-test out of the recipes of José María Arzak’s book (thanks Nuria!) for chocolate lovers’ club. This is the second recipe I cook from this book, and by the moment my experiences are quite good, not only in flavors but also in ways of cooking -I feel like an explorer sometimes-. It is also very laborious, why to say the opposite…

This dessert is not the typical easy and fast one that you cook when you are running out of time and you are not in the mood of cooking. No. To reach a satisfactory result with this chocolate custard you will have to do your best, have time and innovative spirit.

The result after that bunch of patience? A very soft custard and a coating that will delight the most demanding palates.


Ingredients for 4 people

For the chocolate cream

1/2 liter of fresh whole milk
1 vanilla stick
4 egg yolks
150 gr of white sugar
150 gr of chocolate cover
3 tablespoons of water

For the citric cloud

100 ml of cream to whip (or whipped cream)
2 egg whites whisked until stiff
100 ml of water
80 gr of white sugar
Peel of a lemon
Peel of a mandarin
Peel of half orange

To decorate

Cocoa powder, fresh mint or orange dust



Put the tablespoons of water in a saucepan and simmer it to low heat. Add chocolate cover and stir it until it is melted.

Take out vanilla seeds and add them to the milk.  Heat it in another saucepan.

Beat egg yolks with sugar until you have a frothy whitish batter.

When milk+vanilla are boiling, pour it in a bowl with egg yolks and stir it accordingly.

Then add melted chocolate and stir it until homogeneous.

Put the mixture in another saucepan until thick, but without boiling.

Pour the mixture into the final cups  or bowls, until filling half of them (better if they are transparent) and once they have retrieved room temperature, put them in the fridge so that they get cool.

Prepare now citric cloud by doing a syrup with water, sugar and citric peels (lemon, mandarin and orange, chopped in big pieces without white part). Simmer it to low heat for 20 minutes.

Strain syrup and reserve some peels for final decoration (I have decorated it with lemon peel).

Whip cream and add it slowly to the syrup once it has retrieved room temperature.

Finally add egg whites whisked until stiff and stir it until homogeneous.

Take the little bowls out from the fridge and distribute the cloud on top of the chocolate with the help of a teaspoon or pastry bag.

Decorate with cocoa powder , citric peels, or mint leaves.


To be considered

You can replace vanilla with a stick of cinnamon, mandarine with grapefruit or cocoa powder with instant coffee.

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