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Mint roasted chicken with yogurt sauce

Now that I think about it, I do not know anyone who does not like chicken (if anyone out there, raise your hand). It is one of those dishes with which you will have success among children and elderly people, and you will never get tired of innovating with new tastes, since it combines with almost everything. Considering also that I have not eaten it for a long time -lately I do not eat any other thing rather than fish, even knowing that in this country its consume is not very much spread-, this week was the right time to cook something different.

The nice touch of this recipe is, apart from mint, the yogurt sauce, whose soft flavor works pretty well with chicken and it is one of my first experiences eating poultry meat with yogurt, highly recommended!

Ingredients for 2 people

2 quarters chicken

1 lemon

4 sprigs of fresh mint

4 tablespoons of honey (any type, I have used lime tree honey)

4 tablespoons of yogurt

2 tablespoons of olive oil (I have used extra virgin)

Salt and pepper


First of all is the sauce, you will do it at the beginning so that its ingredients bind together while you prepare chicken. Grate lemon peel until you have two teaspoons of grated zest and reserve them.

Chop the leaves of two sprigs of mint and mix them with them with yogurt and lemon grated zest. Season with salt and pepper and keep this sauce in the fridge until you serve chicken.

Squeeze lemon, chop mint leaves and mix these two ingredients with honey.

Clean quarters chicken and put them in an oven glass container. Pour the previous mixture and roast them in preheated oven for 45 minutes to 200ºC. After 25 minutes, give them a turn so that they are well cooked everywhere.

Serve it with the yogurt sauce that you put in the fridge.

To be considered

You can also eat it without yogurt sauce; in that case, use only 2 tablespoons of honey for the mixture.

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4 Comments to "Mint roasted chicken with yogurt sauce"

  1. Nu says:

    cariño del mundo mundial y la traducción?

  2. Nu says:

    qué gracioso ha sido escribir el comentario y traducirse solo jjjj como siempre tiene una pinta estupendísima. quiero aprender a hacer humus así que practica y nos cuentas plis.

  3. Sara says:

    ¿qué le pasa a la traducción pepelu? el hummus está en la lista, llegará en unas semanitas :). besos!

  4. Madelainee says:

    mmmm, fácil de hacer y riquísima

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