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Puff pastry hearts

Here I come with a recipe in honor to my friends Estefanía and Pablo. Since that night at their house when they offered me their own ones and explained me how to do them, I have been baking them from time to time. Until then, I had always eaten the prefabricated ones -the well-known industrial pastries- but since that day I have not bought again any puff pastry hearts, I bake them and I eat them- not alone, of course ;)- and there is a big difference!

It is true that its shape is not as perfect as the one from industrial pastries, and all of them are different (especially the ones from the borders, they result into “messy pseudo puff pastry hearts”), but their texture and flavor compensate it all.

As a dessert, breakfast, for coffee time, or just to perfume your house with a very tempting aroma. They are delicious, apart from cheap and easy to do.



Ingredients for approx. 20 units

1 puff pastry for sweet recipes
White sugar
Vanilla sugar
Brown sugar (optional)



Unroll puff pastry in oven tray, using as a base the same paper that comes with the puff pastry.

Preheat oven to 210ºC.

Stretch a bit the puff pastry without breaking it. Spoon a homogeneous layer of sugar over all the surface. You can use a rolling pin or a clean glass bottle so that sugar gets into the puff pastry.


Take an end of the batter and fold it so that it is aligned with the centerline of the batter (sugar will be in the inner side). Repeat the same action with the other end.

Spoon again another layer of sugar over the new folded surface. I personally start using vanilla sugar at this point, it provides a nice aroma and taste at the end.

The same way you have done before, fold again the current ends to align them to centerline. Put it together by folding again so that in the section you now have a mini palmerita stick.

Spoon again a bit of sugar over the stick.

Slice the stick in 1cm-thick slices, depending on the final thickness you want the palmeritas.

Place them on top of the oven tray, leaving space in between so that they do not touch each other when they grow.

Bake them for a few minutes (normally around 5-6 minutes), checking from time to time that they are getting the final color you want.


To be considered

When they start to be brown in the borders, it´s time to take them out from the oven. Do not wait for more than one minute, since they can be burned easily.

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2 Comments to "Puff pastry hearts"

  1. eugenia says:

    Tienen una pinta buenísima……….. todavía no he tenido tiempo de hacer el Baklava. Pero tengo ambas pendientes 🙂

    • Sara says:

      las palmeritas son muuuucho más fáciles, puedes empezar con ellas para ir practicando para la baklava. ya me contarás qué tal te han quedado! besos

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