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Lamb’s lettuce salad with dried marinated tomatoes

One of my big passions: salads. And according to my friend José Luis, one of the dishes that I prepare better, and with which personally I enjoy most: before, during and after it. They are such a versatile dish that you can add to them almost any ingredient, being sure that they will end up nicely.

Among the guidelines that I normally to follow, one of them is colour: I try to mix ingredients whose flavours not only make a good combination, but also that their colours provide a touch of contrast to the table. This is related to a sentence that I heard a few years ago, and that it comes to my mind every time I am preparing a salad: “the more natural colours your food has, the healthier it is

Let’s put some colors around… not only in the arch floor plans!

Lamb's lettuce salad with dried marinated tomatoes

Ingredients for one salad

1 handful of lamb’s lettuce
2 pieces of dried marinated tomatoes with garlic and spices (those which are sold in olive oil)
1 tablespoon of fried chopped onion
1 slice of sweet ham
1 handul of spiced croutons
7 slices of cucumber
1 teaspoon of poppy seeds
extra virgin olive oil
raspberry perfumed vinegar


Clean lamb’s lettuce and let it dry until it does not have water.

Pick the tomato pieces you like best and let them drain for a while in a strainer.

Put the handful of lamb’s lettuce in the middle of the plate, giving it volume so that there is air in between it.

Slice cucumber thinly and spoon them on top of lamb’s lettuce.

Chop sweet ham in thin stripes and add it after cucumber.

Put croutons carefully so that they stay on top (they normally get out to the edges!)

Spoon the fried onion over it and after that, spoon poppy seeds.

Finally, put on top of each other the pieces of dried tomato.

Season with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar (raspberry aroma gives it a nice touch) and salt. Bonne appétit!

Lamb's lettuce salad with dried marinated tomatoes

To be considered

Use a flat and big plate so that the salad is well presented in the middle, leaving space in the borders so that poppy seeds  spread out.

You can also add Parmesan crusts as additional decoration.

It is possible that lamb’s lettuce spread in the plate as long as you place the ingredients on top. In that case, put it together with both hands to correct it.

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