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Radishes in canapé-shape with dried tomato cream

Today I present you my first homegrown recipe, of whose taste and appearance I am very proud. I imagine that I am neither the first nor the last one to have used radishes as canapé-containers to be filled in, but despite my search and investigations I have not found anything similar. If any of you find it, I am all eyes and ears.

The flavour combination is also homegrown, and I have to say that it turns out a delicious bite, perfect as appetizer, snack or side dish. Preparation and ingredients cannot be simpler, so I encourage you give it a try and send me your opinion.

Have a good week!

Ingredients (2 people)

5 radishes
6 pieces of in-oil dried tomatos
2 tablespoons of the same tomato oil (or olive oil)
10 capers
Rucola leaves to decorate
Salt and pepper123_Rabanitos-crema-tomate_3A



Slice radishes into halves and make sure that they are stable when they lay on their concave part. If not, make a small horizontal cut in the bottom part so that they lay well.

Empty radish halves with a small sharp knife, making small canapé-shape containers.

Grind tomato pieces with oil and the interior of the radishes, until you have a homogeneous cream.

Fill radish halves with dried-tomato cream and crown each with a caper and 1 or 2 rucola leaves.

Season with salt and pepper to your taste (watch out the amount of salt, tomato is normally already quite salty)



To be considered

You can replace capers with olive halves or a piece of pickle, they also combine well.

It’s also great with artichoke, pepper or anchovy cream.


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