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Home-made gazpacho step by step

For quite a long time I have been reluctant to cook gazpacho due to the fact that since I live in Switzerland I have not experienced again those extreme high temperatures of Iberian Peninsula’s interior, that make me desire to eat (or to drink?) a cool gazpacho. By the moment I can take the heat -not that much the humidity and its inherent sticky feeling-, so with any rice or pasta salad, I’m normally quite happy 😀 .

But last weekend was extremely hot; actually I had to take cold showers both days and with them, gazpacho has come. And what to say about it? To my Spanish readers not that much, since gazpacho is almost in our DNA, but to the foreign readers and to those who have never tried or heard about it… you need to taste this fantastic vegetable soup which is server very chilled… it’s simply delicious!

Ingredients to refresh 2 people

3 ripe tomatoes (preferably Roma tomatoes)

1/2 cucumber

1/2 green pepper

1 slice of bread from the day before

1 clove of garlic (optional, if you do not like it, go to the next ingredient)

3 tablespoons of olive oil (as usual, mine is extra-virgin)

1 tablespoon of wine vinegar (or more if you like strong excitement)

Cold water, ice and salt


If you have time and an exigent to very exigent palate, start to cook it the day before so that it macerates and the result is tastier. You can also cook it the same day, right after peeling and chopping vegetables, but it will not be as good as the macerated one. Let’s start.

Soften bread from the day before putting it to soak in a bowl with a bit of water until it is wet, but there is no excess of water.

Peel tomatoes and cucumber and get rid of the seeds of both. Chop them into medium-sized cubes. Chop also pepper without its seeds and clove of garlic.

Add olive oil, salt and vinegar and let it macerate for the whole night in the fridge, preferably in a plastic or glass container.

Next morning, grind the mixture with the mixer and serve it chilled (even with ice cubes).

To be considered

Every time you cook it, the result will be different, not only in color but also in its taste, since the ripening state of the tomatoes influences the end result.

If it is very thick, add a sprinkle of cold water and mix it well. On the other hand, if it is very liquid, you can add more bread or tomatoes.

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