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Parmesan, pinenut & olive cookies

It has been a while since the last time I cooked an interesting fast starter’s recipe. Today’s is extremely irresistible, it’s just taking them out from the oven and starting to see them dissapear without having time to get cool. At room temperature they are also great and even more crunchy; cool or warm, you will not be able to resist to eat one after the other one.

Their taste is very similar to cheese sticks that you can buy in any supermarket, but these home-made cookies have a special touch. The contrast with pinenuts and olives is simply spectacular, although it is just an example; you can be creative and combine Parmesan with any other ingredient that works together, like dried tomatos, raisins, cashew nuts or dried peaches.

Enjoy them!


Ingredients (for around 20 cookies)

190 gr of wheat flour

100 gr of Parmesan cheese

10 black olives without stone and sliced

30gr of pine nuts

1 egg

50 gr of butter

1 sprinkle of milk

2 teaspoons of oregano

Fleur de sel and grinded black pepper

A bit more of oregano and oat flakes to decorate




Take butter out from the fridge and let it rest for around 45 minutes to room temperature. Chop olives and reserve them. Cut Parmesan into small chipping, no more than 2cm by 2cm. Mix flour, spices, fleur de sel and Parmesan chippings in a bowl. Beat the egg and add it to the mixture together with butter (it has to be soft) and a sprinkle of milk (not that much). Stir it until homogeneous. If you see that it is too thick, add a bit more of milk.

Add now olives and pine nuts and mix it until homogeneous.

Put baking paper on an oven tray and create small mountains with the batter. You do not need to create small balls, they will be more unequal and more beautiful if you just let them fall withouth giving them an specific shape. Crush them a bit and sprinkle some oat flakes or oregano to decorate.

Preheat oven to 180ºC for 5 minutes and bake them for around 20-25 minutes until brown.


To be considered

If you want to get cookies with a more rounded shape, just grind Parmesan instead of chipping it. Form small balls (with grinded cheese you are not going to have any piece standing out), place them in baking paper and crush them a bit before baking them.

The result is also great, but with mass-produced round shape.

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