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Strawberries in infused balsamic vinegar with spiced yogurt

I publish this recipe in honor of my friend Nuria, who got a book to me from the Basque chef master José María Arzak.

After reading and re-reading it (and salivating only with the names of his creations), I have decided to try with a version of this recipe, which is one of the easiest ones -you know that I do not like to get complicated-, taking advantage that Spanish strawberries have arrived to Swiss and German supermarkets (and what strawberries!).

I haven’t exactly followed the directions -that’s why I say version-, but here I am writing the original recipe so that you can change what you consider. At the end I explain what I have modified.

Enjoy luxury!

Strawberries in infused balsamic vinegar with spiced yogurt

Ingredients for 4 people 

180 gr. strawberries
60 gr. acacia honey
40 gr. white sugar
4 tablespoons of Modena balsamic vinegar
1 dl. water1 cinnamon stick
3/4 l. whole milk
2 tablespoons of low fat powdered milk
1 yogurt
2 cloves
1 pinch of pepper
1 pinch of aniseed
Fresh mint

Strawberries in infused balsamic vinegar with spiced yogurt


Clean and chop strawberries and put them in a bowl still wet, with sugar.

In a saucepan, put water, honey and cinnamon to create a syrup. When it starts boiling, add Modena vinegar and stop heat.

Pour strawberries in this syrup when still hot and let it retrieve room temperature.

To do spiced yogurt, heat slowly milk with spices without exceeding 42ºC (108F). Add powdered milk and stir it until diluted.

Stop heat and let its temperature go down until around 38ºC (100F) Add yogurt and stir again.

Strain this preparation and fill a few small individual bowls (better if made of glass).

Put the bowls in a yogurt maker and let them incubate for the recommended time according to manufacturer instructions.

Para la presentación, coloca en el fondo de un plato hondo la infusión de fresas con su jugo agridulce, y sobre ellas unas cucharadas de yogur especiado, al que le puedes añadir un poco de azúcar o miel.

Decorate with fresh mint.

Strawberries in infused balsamic vinegar with spiced yogurt

To be considered

Although in the recipe it is mentioned that yields 4 people, I could only use it for 2 people (each of them with 4 strawberries, as seen in the photo).

Instead of acacia honey I used lime tree honey (the idea is just to sweeten it), You can use any type of honey.

I did not chop the strawberries so that they were entire in the photo, but in the original recipe it says to chop them, and makes more sense for the logistics of eating them (also when you caramelize them with the syrup, they will be softer)

Instead of cloves, aniseeds and pepper, I have used grind cinnamon and pepper, and the taste is fantastic. But what certainly provides the best touch is balsamic infusion, too strong in my opinion, next time I will do it with 3 tablespoons instead of 4.

Until the direction of the yogurt maker everything went fine, but as I do not have yogurt maker and it did not thicken, I put it into the freezer for a few minutes and the result was a kind of delicious iced yogurt –and got the required consistency-.

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