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Ramen noodles and fish soup

One more adventure in Asian Cooking, this time with white fish and directly brought from the last cook thick book that I got, in a trip to Bristol last year (Complete Asian Cookbook). All of a compendium of the most unbelievable recipes from many Eastern Countries; I will talk about my improvements little by little, recently I am having almost no free time!

A warm soup is always very much appreciated in winter days, and if it is with Asian flavors, in my case even more. So there is no time to lose, take advantage of this recipe before spring is here, since later I will turn a bit the tables. I always thought that these winter cold temperatures had to have something good, right?

Ingredients for 2 people

100 gr of dried ramen noodles

800ml of vegetable stock

100gr of white fish (I have used claresse)

1 piece of fresh ginger (aprox. 2cm thick)

2 carrots

4 scallions

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil

2 sprigs of coriander to decorate (optional)


Boil ramen noodles in boiling water for 3-4 minutes, according to manufacturer’s instructions. Drain them and let them retrieve room temperature in a bowl covered with a lid.

In the meanwhile, heat vegetable stock in a saucepan, together with soy sauce, ginger (chopped in 4 small pieces) and sesame oil. Heat it to medium heat until it boils.

Chop fish into 1.5cm thick sticks. Peel and cut carrot diagonally and chop it later into same-size sticks. Cut scallions also diagonally.

Add fish sticks, carrot sticks,  and chopped scallion to the mixture of vegetable stock and keep heating it to medium heat until it boils again.

Take ginger pieces out from the stock. Distribute ramen noodles into two bowls or soup dish, and a bit before serving, pour on top the stock together with vegetables and fish.

Decorate with chopped coriander.

To be considered

You can also do it with hake or sole fillets. It is also great with swordfish.

Also nice if you add a bit of broccoli or peas.

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